Thursday, October 9, 2014

Here is my story:
On October 26, 2012, at the airport in Palermo, Italy, I rented a car with plates EM185VM.
On November 8, 2102, I returned the car at the Palermo airport.
The papers Hertz gave me show these facts:
Odometer reading in km at return (In): 17058
Odometer reading in km at pick up (Out): 15973

Total km driven (Km Out minus In): 1085 (see here with my name and other details omitted):

In March 2013 I received a notice to pay for a parking ticket I had been given in Rome on Nov 3, 2012. Rome is 923 km away from Palermo, and I couldn't have been in Rome on the 3rd of November, then returned the rented car in Palermo having driven the vehicle only 1085 km. I explained this in letters to the Nivi Credit, the Police dept and Hertz.
Foolishly, I thought the matter had been resolved. But NO. The ways of Italian fraud are slow and persistent.
Subsequently I received two more notices from the Corpo di Polizia, Roma Capitale, that repeated the charge of infraction. I post part of one here:
Here I saw that the alleged infraction was "ascertain[ed]" on March 7, 2013. I was also given a copy of the original citation, issued by one Maurizio Francescangeli, [badge] 11037.
I explained matters again, and, to make a long story short, I most recently received a collection agency notice from Cedar Financial, in Calabasas, Ca. requesting payment of $252.07.
I have already contacted Cedar and told them I will not pay what I do not owe, but I want to collect enough information from travelers with a similar experience to expose the petty thieves involved in this scam.
So, help me gather data so we can nail them.
Thank you, Tony

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