Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reminder: to follow this saga best, start from my first post, Thursday Oct 9.
Today I received another e-mail from Nivi Credit:

Gentili Signori,
Vi ringraziamo per la documentazione. Vi informiamo che la richiesta del pagamento è stata chiusa e la pratica è stata bloccata in attesa della decisione del Prefetto sul ricorso presentato.

This translates:
"We thank you for the documentation you sent us. Our request for payment has been closed and the procedure has been blocked as we wait for the Prefetto's decision about your complaint."

I still want to discover who Maurizio Francescangeli is, and how it happened that he, stationed in Rome, ticketed a car that was 900 km away from Rome.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

E-mail from Nivi Credit.
Today, Oct 14, 2014, I received an e-mail message from NiviCredit that says, in part:

Dato il fatto che le Prefetture lavorano autonomamente e non informano i Comandi di Polizia e in conseguenza noi che è stato presentato il ricorso, le pratiche rimangono aperte e seguono l’iter delle nuove richieste di pagamento da parte della Polizia o da parte della Agenzia di recupero crediti.

Le chiediamo di inviarci la copia del Suo ricorso al Prefetto e la copia della ricevuta di ritorno nel modo che possiamo bloccare la pratica nel modo da evitare eventuali richieste di pagamento nei Suoi confronti.

Aside from the problematic phrase "noi che è stato presentato il ricorso" which has some sort of  error (perhaps "poichè" was meant, and not "noi che"), the crucial part of the message is the second paragraph: they want a copy of my appeal to the Prefetto (I had already sent it to them), and proof of the return receipt so that they can "block the case so as to avoid further requests for payment." Now, that's encouraging.
Let's see what happens next.
Meanwhile I'd like to find out something about the "public official" (agent) who cited me. His name is
Maurizio Francescangeli, badge #11037.
I enclosed "public official" in quotes because, according to Italian law, "public officials" are assumed to be telling the truth (so his ticket tells no lie, but the absolute truth), and, in case of appeals, it is the responsibility of the accused to demonstrate their INNOCENCE.
I'd like to pursue this too.
Especially because Italy is so notoriously corrupt in its government and its law enforcement, it is particularly discouraging to discover that whatever the "public official" accuses you of, it is your responsibility to demonstrate your innocence. Clearly, in most cases, there is nothing you can do, but swallow and pay up. OR fight back.
Help me. Thank you.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Here is my story:
On October 26, 2012, at the airport in Palermo, Italy, I rented a car with plates EM185VM.
On November 8, 2102, I returned the car at the Palermo airport.
The papers Hertz gave me show these facts:
Odometer reading in km at return (In): 17058
Odometer reading in km at pick up (Out): 15973

Total km driven (Km Out minus In): 1085 (see here with my name and other details omitted):

In March 2013 I received a notice to pay for a parking ticket I had been given in Rome on Nov 3, 2012. Rome is 923 km away from Palermo, and I couldn't have been in Rome on the 3rd of November, then returned the rented car in Palermo having driven the vehicle only 1085 km. I explained this in letters to the Nivi Credit, the Police dept and Hertz.
Foolishly, I thought the matter had been resolved. But NO. The ways of Italian fraud are slow and persistent.
Subsequently I received two more notices from the Corpo di Polizia, Roma Capitale, that repeated the charge of infraction. I post part of one here:
Here I saw that the alleged infraction was "ascertain[ed]" on March 7, 2013. I was also given a copy of the original citation, issued by one Maurizio Francescangeli, [badge] 11037.
I explained matters again, and, to make a long story short, I most recently received a collection agency notice from Cedar Financial, in Calabasas, Ca. requesting payment of $252.07.
I have already contacted Cedar and told them I will not pay what I do not owe, but I want to collect enough information from travelers with a similar experience to expose the petty thieves involved in this scam.
So, help me gather data so we can nail them.
Thank you, Tony